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Binge and Purge


image Hello. This is High Fashion Industries, a DIY label run out of Chicago. I am happy to announce that today we have released the Acousma S/T 7” as well as the RASH demo. This is the start of what I am hoping will be a steady stream of eclectic releases. You can listen to songs off of each release on the releases page, or visit the High Fashion Industries bandcamp or tumblr page. Feel free to send demos and other mail to: Eric Frankel 2048 N Albany Chicago, IL 60647 In other news, Acousma is planning a spring tour through the wilderness of Canada into the United States of America. RASH will be playing a show in St. Louis on 01/19/2014 with BURN/WARD (RVA), Maximum Effort, and Violations. Also a 7” from The Valenteens is in the works and should be out in the next few months, as well as some other cute releases. That’s all for now.

Listen/purchase: RASH Demo by RASH

Listen: Acousma S/T 7” by High Fashion Industries

Buy: Visit my store on Storenvy

Check it out.

New band RASH is playing

You can listen and purchase the full album here.  Artwork by Zach Reini.

Record will be up for sale soon, after a year and a half.  Presale:
  Review by Clay of Pukeoid.

Stevens new band.

(Source: diegbro / ebrovirumbrales)


quick and dirty. poster for a chicago show; touring toronto bands total trash and spearhead.
 Found some left overs of these shirts designed by Andrew Hinton.  Only have a few left.
Test presses.

STRANGERS made a band camp.  The demo fucking rules and I absolutely love the lyrics
“Stop asking for forgiveness, stop trying to explain to ears that won’t listen. They want your identity placed in their hands. Simplest response to an impossible demand? “Fuck you.””


This is Gym Guys(bass) new band.

We are no longer a band.  Not Dead Yet was probably our last show.  We might play one more but probably not.  Our record is still coming out on Deranged early next year.  

Here is some leftover merch if anyone is interested.